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My Villege

My Villege

"शहराकडे न जाता लोक । धावावे उलट खेड्याकडे । ऐसी करावी ग्रामसेवा । हेचि कर्म आवडे देवा ।
संशय काही मनी न धरावा । तुकडया म्हणे ।”

A village can bring a true change at the grass root level and Buchkewadi is a living example of successful rural development

These inspiring words by Saint Tukdoji rightly present how progressive steps at village level can bring a positive change and sustainable development. Mahatma Gandhiji also advised masses and activists to encourage rural- urban populace to work hand in hand towards advancement of our country. A village set in the lap of hills near Narayangaon on Pune-Nashik national highway having 317 families with a population of 1625 is registered as Buchkewadi in the official records. For the last 30-35 years, it is popularly known as Vaishnavdham for its rich Varkari tradition. the village stands as a flourishing example that India’s thought leaders dreamed of years ago. Buchkewadi is one of the model villages in Maharashtra with a rare quality of collective leadership. Most of the model villages in India have advanced because of the presence of one strong leader, but the case of Buchkewadi is radically different. The transformation of the village as one of the smart villages in India is the result of collective leadership – culminated through continuous and persistent efforts of the villagers with guidance from NABARD and Lupin Foundation. This uniqueness of Buchkewadi enables progress of each, irrespective of caste, creed, age and gender.

Sr.No Award Year
1. Nirmal Gram (Central Level) 2008-09
2. Mahatma Gandhi Tantamukt Gao (District Level) 2009-10
3. Paryavaran Santulit Samrudhgram Yojana (Central Level) 2010-11
4. Aadarsh Krishigram (District Level) 2012-13
5. Saint Tukaram Vangram – First Prize (State Level) 2012-13
6. Saint Tukaram Vangram – First Prize (District Level) 2012-13
7. Paryavaran Vikas Ratna 2013-14
8. Vangram Ghoshit Aadesh 2014-15
9. Lupin Human Welfare & Research Foundation (Aadarshgram) 2014-15

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